Congress Chair – Dr. Saide Jorge Calil (Brazil)

Congress Vice Chair – MSc. José Alberto Ferreira (Brazil)

Program Committee Chair

    - Dr. Zhou Dan (President of Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering Clinical Engineering Branch, China)

    - Dr.Yadin David (IUPESM - USA)

    - Mr. Thomas Judd (Secretary of IFMBE/CED - USA)

    - Dr. James Wear (USA)

    - Dr. Ernesto Iadanza (CED/IFMBE Chairman - Italy)

    - Dr. Mladen Poluta (South Africa)

    - Dr. Tony Easty (Canada)

    - Dr. Paolo Lago (Italy)

    - Eng. Antonio Hernandez

    - Dr. Leria Rosane Holzbach (Santa Casa de Misercordia – Brazil)

    - Dr. Alexandre Hermini (University of Campinas - Brazil)

    - Eng. Antonio Gibertoni (Albert Einstein Hospital - Brazil)

    - Eng. Marcello Dias Bonfim (Hospital SirioLibanes - Brazil)

Student Paper Competition

    - Ernesto Iadanza (Chairman)

    - Tony Easty

    - Mladen Poluta

    - Yadin David

Special Presenter:

    - MSc. Adriana Velazquez Berumen (World Health Organization, WHO)

Advisory Committee:

     - Eng. German Giles (Argentina)

     - Murilo Contó

     - Renato Garcia Ojeda

Communications Committee:

     - Fred Hosea

     - China Medical Devices – CMD

Paper Submission Committee:

     - Tom Judd (Chairman)

     - Yadin David

     - Leria Roseane Holzbach

     - Ernesto Iadanza

     - Zheng Kun