Thomas Judd
  • Thomas Judd is among the founding members of the  American College of Clinical Engineering  (ACCE) and is now its advocacy chair.  He holds a national role with Kaiser Permanente (KP), helping his organization and others to find Clinical Engineering (CE)-IT solutions for integrating a wide range of medical device information into electronic health/medical records (EMR/EHR).  He has served on the HIMSS Enterprise EHR Award Committee since 2010, that identifies healthcare organizations that have used EHRs to measurably improve quality and safety.

    In a nearly 40-year-career and with certifications in CE, quality, and health information, since 2006, Judd   has been National Project Director, Clinical Technology, KP, and on its medical device integration and wireless governance groups.  He leads technology evaluations at KP’s Garfield Innovation Center, speaks nationally on these topics, and also serves on two related AAMI committees.  Previously, he was quality and safety director for KP Georgia, and a clinical engineer in local, national, and global roles, preceded by time in the US Navy as a jet pilot and engineering faculty member at the US Naval Academy (USNA).

    He has been a World Health Organization health technology consultant in developing countries since 1989, and serves on several nonprofit boards that enable work in Central Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.  Judd is part of ACCE national and international efforts - that with various partners in the device space and health IT- have served as a catalyst for CE-IT collaboration, best practice identification, and research, made more urgent as US EHR meaningful use requirements direct increasing device integration.

    Judd, an ACCE and HIMSS Fellow, obtained a bachelor of science Aerospace Engineering degree from USNA in Annapolis, Md.; a master of science in Aeronautical Engineering degree at Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, Calif.; and studied postgraduate Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.