Zhou Dan
  • Dr. Zhou Dan is the vice president of Medical Management Department at the Chinese PLA General Hospital and Provost of PLA Medical College. He also serves as the Chairman of Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering Clinical Engineering Branch, President of Chinese College of Clinical Engineers, Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Chairman of the Emergency Medical Equipment Professional Committee, China Society of Medical Equipment, Chairman of Beijing Medical Association Clinical Engineering Branch, as well as member of American College of Clinical Engineering. He also was the former chairman of Chinese medical association medical engineering branch. He earned an MBA at the Beijing Institute of Technology and a doctoral degree in Business Administration (DBA) at Southern California University for Professional Studies (SCUPS). He has long been engaged in the management of clinical engineering, hospital information technology and medical education. His main research interests include quality management of medical equipment, medical technology assessment and hospital operations management informationization. He first proposed the establishment of medical equipment quality control system in China, and successfully implemented ERP management of comprehensive hospital. He also promoted the continuing education and professional certification for Chinese clinical engineers. Dr Zhou has published 14 papers, presided 8 research projects, and won 5 research awards. Dr Zhou is the first Chinese clinical engineering expert who received Antonio Hernandez International Clinical Engineering Award from ACCE in 2014.